High levels of metals/metalloids in blood and urine of residents living in the area affected by the dam failing in Barra Longa, District, Brazil: A preliminary human biomonitoring study


Autores: Evangelina Vormittag, Paulo Saldiva, Andressa Anastacio, Fernando Barbosa Jr.

Descrição: Fundão mining tailings dam in Mariana District has collapsed in 2015 and caused the biggest environmental
disaster in Brazil. Barra Longa District had its urban area invaded by toxic sludge and its population was
extensively exposed to it. Blood and urine samples were collected from 11 residents, focused on investigating the
presence of metals at the end of an exploratory health study in 507 inhabitants in 2016. Results have shown
increased levels of aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, cooper, lead, manganese and nickel, and zinc defficiency in
their body, as well as clinical outcomes.